The National Conference of Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs

The National Conference of the Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs was established in 1957 as Tokyo Association of Small Business Entrepreneurs. It was restructured as The National Conference which organizes 47prefectural Associations of Small Business Entrepreneurs, which total in 47,000 companies in Japan. The average size of capital and employee of member companies are 15 million yen and 30 people.

The Associations are completely independent from any political parties and assure members' freedom of thought.

Characteristics of the Associations

Characteristics of the Associations are identified as voluntary activities by their members. Everybody who is interested in their activities can freely and voluntarily join one of the Association in 47 prefectures, exchange ideas, and help each other.

Objectives of the Associations are:

  1. to build the strong enterprises by applying the modern managerial technique and exchanging knowledge and skills of member companies.
  2. to enhance the comprehensive capabilities of management by their own effort.
  3. to contribute the peaceful prosperity to society by improving and stabilizing the management of small and medium sized enterprises in cooperation with other industrial institutions.

Activities of the Associations

The main activities are build the vital enterprises which can react quickly to the rapid environmental changes by:

  1. setting up the management policy
  2. carrying out the cross-industrial activities
  3. recruiting good workforces in small and medium sized enterprises
  4. studying each other by between employer and employees
  5. providing work to the handicapped, the aged, and the female workers
  6. building the trust between employer and employees
  7. continuing the self development as entrepreneur propose the healthy environments for the small and medium sized enterprises to the government and all political parties by:

  1. expanding the markets for the small and medium sized enterprises
  2. developing local markets and contributing to local education, culture, and welfare
  3. carrying out the administrative and financial reformation of the government which can contribute to the small and medium sized enterprises and citizens
  4. achieving the peace for Japan and world

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